Capital City Pride

June 16 -18 2017

Capital City Pride is the non-profit organization that presents the annual Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Pride Parade and Festival in Downtown Olympia, WA. 

Spot in the Parade for Non-Profit, Faith Communities, and Schools

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Spot in the Parade for Non-Profit, Faith Communities, and Schools


A spot in the Pride Parade for organizations that are for-profit or political (Financial Assistance Available - See Below).

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Parade registration begins at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, June 19th, 2016. Entries must be in place and registered by 11:30 a.m. or can not participate in the Pride Parade. Capital City Pride is a family-friendly, inclusive of all members of our community.

For the safety of parade participants, spectators and the general public, and to ensure that the parade is in line with the values of the Capital City Pride organization, parade participants MUST agree to the following terms & conditions:

1. INSURANCE:  Motorized vehicles participating in the parade must carry liability and personal injury insurance, and must provide a copy of the insurance information by email, or in person on June 19th 2016.   NO INSURANCE - NO PARTICIPATION - NO EXCEPTIONS.

2.  SAFE OPERATING SPEEDS:  All motor vehicles, including motorcycles, must abide by posted speed limits during the parade route. Motorcycle demonstrations MUST remain within the center two lanes of Capital Way. Operating vehicles in close proximity to spectators is dangerous and NOT permitted. 

3. VALID DRIVERS LICENSE:  Operators of automobiles must possess a valid driver license. Operators of motorcycles must possess a valid driver license with motorcycle endorsement.

4. NO NUDITY / OBSCENITY: Full or partial nudity or sexually suggestive behavior is strictly prohibited. Violations will lead to removal of entry from the parade. Capital City Pride reserves the right to prohibit any material which it deems objectionable or otherwise in conflict with the event.

5. WIND PROTECTION:  The applicant is responsible for ensuring that their parade entry is safe and secure against high winds or other inclement weather.   Pride reserves the right to limit or eject any parade entries deemed unsafe for parade participants or spectators.

6. PARADE MARSHALL AUTHORITY:  Applicant agrees to follow direction of Capital City Pride Parade Marshalls and be familiar with parade route. Final decision on position of entry in parade rests with Capital City Pride  (CCP).

7. HOLD HARMLESS:  Pride cannot be held responsible for event attendance or weather conditions. Applicant agrees to hold Capital City Pride (Rainbow Center Olympia) harmless from all liability related to weather damage, lack of parade attendance, theft, personal injury or loss.

8. APPLICANT COMPLIANCE:  If any portion of this Pride Parade agreement is violated by the applicant or by any associate of the applicant, Pride reserves the right to immediately terminate this agreement and bar the applicant from participation in the parade.

9.  PRIDE DECISIONS BINDING:  Pride will make all reasonable efforts to accommodate parade applicants and to address concerns prior to the parade.  All decisions regarding participation made either prior to or on the day of the Parade will be be binding.  Pride representatives will make all reasonable efforts to address concerns, conflicts related to the Parade at the earliest opportunity following the parade.  The goal is host the good faith participation of all participants while ensuring public safety.

10. PARADE FEE ASSISTANCE: if you need financial assistance please an email to with your request that clearly states:

  1) Name & contact information
  2) Name of the parade entry
  3) Reason the parade fee is prohibitive
  4) Willingness to offer volunteer hours in lieu of fee (Festival set-up, clean-up, etc)
  5) Other considerations

Your request will be reviewed and you'll get a response within 5 days.


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